About Us

Launched in 2021, the Country of Clubs website opens up the really exclusive world of US country clubs. We offer you all the inside information on country club etiquette, different country club features, tips and tricks to blend in this luxurious world, and private information about individual clubs.

But who are the people behind Country of Clubs?

Greer Marlon

Country Club Acceptance Board Member

Country club member acceptance board member, can offer an inside perspective on country club etiquette and requirements to get accepted

Amita Anoushka

Globally Renowned Investigative Journalist

Globally renowned journalist with articles published in multiple online and offline newspapers, her research capabilities are unbeatable

Davey Esme

Professional Golf Player and Trainer

We can’t talk about country clubs without talking about Golf as a sport, so Davey will offer us the perspective of a golf player

We also employ the help of multiple content publishers, journalists and private country club members to build our articles.

If you have an article piece idea or want to add something to one of our articles, contact us.