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The Bel Air Country Club can be found at 10768 Bellagio Road, in Los Angeles, CA 90077.

Its History and Opening Year Opened

The Bel Air Country Club was opened in 1922 by Alfonzo Bell when he purchased the Danziger Estate. The overall planning and layout were the responsibility of engineer Wilkie Woodward and architect Aurele Vermuleon.

The Danziger Estate was in fact a residential area before becoming a well-known golf course. The Spanish-style mansion with an unobstructed view over Catalina Island and Los Angeles was one of the most impressive buildings in the Danziger Estate.

Several homes in the residential section of the Bel Air went through a brush fire in 1961 and ended up getting completely destroyed.

You can find the latest prices for the Bell Air Country Club membership below.


You will spend around $13,500 each month for membership at the Bel Air Country Club, along with some additional dues of about $90. This will mean that the annual expense might reach and even go over the $160,000. Even if you do have the necessary funds to join the club, you should know that membership is given only based on an invitation from established members and guests will only be allowed inside if accompanied by active members.

As these pieces of information are not made public by the club, there are conflicting sources. Some other sources state that there is also an initiation fee that will be a one-time fee of around $150,000. However, other sources indicate that the initiation fee for Bel Air Country Club costs $150,000. No active member has come forth to give us reliable information on the actual prices and fees you should be prepared for as a member of this club, so you should take all of this info with a grain of salt. Even so, you should expect to pay $150,000 in the first year, and this is without including the monthly fees.

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You will be enabled on the club’s premises only after checking in at the Security Kiosk. You won’t be allowed inside as a guest until you provide the name of the active member you are meeting with.

Bel Air Country ClubThis club will let you take advantage of either self-parking or valet options. Please let the Security Kiosk know and they will guide you to the appropriate area.

As a member of the Bel Air club, you will have to abide by certain rules and policies, the dress code being just one of them. You can find more about these policies on their official website. In general, men will be required to wear golf shirts with collars, while women will have to be dressed in tailored slacks, skirts, and shirts.

Be careful with your cellphone activity! You will be prohibited to use your cellular phone to receive or initiate calls on Bel-Air Country Club property. This rule includes not only the Clubhouse but the tennis course, the golf course, the patio, and the Porte Cochere as well. The only exceptions are the parking lot from the West side of the building and the locker rooms. You will only be able to use your cellular phone for emailing and texting in the Grill Room, on the patio, in the Card Room, and in the locker rooms, but only if you abide by certain rules:

You are forbidden to leave the phone on the table. You will have to keep it out of sight, on your lap, or in a pocket.

You can use your phone when you are seated on the nation or in the Grill Room, but it has to be put in silent mode.

Although you can use these devices discretely on the practice range, tennis courts, and golf course, you will be prohibited from using them close to the practice putting green by the Clubhouse, near £1 and £10 tee, and you should never affect the pace of play for other people with your device.

Green Fee – Base Fee

You will be expected to pay a green fee of anywhere between $50 and $120 during weekdays. This price will go up to a maximum of $130 throughout the weekends.

Is The Club Private or Public?

As stated above, the Bel Air Country Club is private, and joining it can only be done through an invitation from an active member.


You will find an 18-hole golf course on the Bel Air Country Club premises. You can also play tennis on their professional tennis courts. The course is the current home course of the UCLA Bruin’s men’s and women’s teams.

In the past, this course had 76 bunkers, but this number was lowered to just 42. When George Thomas implemented some massive design changes, two water hazards were removed.

Ed Merrins is currently the head professional/director, while the club manager position is held by JJ Wagner.

Difficulty Rating

The Bel Air Golf Course has a difficulty rating of 72.0. The best design has always been considered the one created by George C Thomas, even though the course has gone through a bunch of revisions throughout its history. This course has maximum yardage of 6,482.

Contact Number

Contact phone number: 310 472 9563

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