Olympia Fields Country Club Membership Cost

Olympia Fields Country Club Membership Cost

The cost of membership at Olympia Fields Country Club is reflective of its prestigious reputation and the extensive amenities it provides. Located near Chicago, Illinois, this private club is recognized as one of the premier golf destinations in the United States. Individuals seeking to join can expect fees that include initiation costs, monthly dues, and annual minimums, tailored toward providing an exclusive and high-quality experience to its members. Specifically, members gain access to world-class golf courses, tennis courts, and various social and dining venues that cater to a luxury lifestyle.

Olympia Fields Country Club has a rich history in the golfing community, hosting a number of significant championships that have contributed to its distinguished status. The membership information, while representing a significant investment, opens the door to not just top-tier golfing, but also to a community that values networking, tradition, and the finer aspects of club life. Understanding the costs associated with membership is crucial for those interested in becoming a part of this esteemed institution.

Key Takeaways

  • Olympia Fields Country Club offers a luxury private club experience.
  • Membership fees cover extensive amenities including golf and social events.
  • Knowledge of costs and benefits is essential for potential members.

Olympia Fields Country Club Membership Cost

  • Initiation Fee: A one-time charge that varies depending on the type of membership. In 2017, the regular golfing membership initiation fee was reported to be around $20,000.
  • Annual Dues: Recurring fees that maintain membership status and fund club operations.
  • Capital Dues: Additional charges that may apply for club enhancements or capital projects.

Payment Options:

  • Olympia Fields Country Club may offer the option to pay initiation fees in two installments, incurring a slightly higher overall cost.

History of Olympia Fields Country Club

Olympia Fields Country Club boasts a rich history that intertwines with significant golf tournaments and key figures in the sport. It stands as a testament to golf’s enduring culture and the evolution of the game.

Founding and Key Figures

Olympia Fields Country Club was established in 1915, making it a centenarian landmark within the golfing world. Amos Alonzo Stagg, a preeminent figure in American sports, was one of the pivotal characters in the club’s formation. The course design was originally crafted by Willie Park Jr. and later by Tom Bendelow, two renowned architects that shaped the terrain into a golfer’s haven.

Significant Tournaments Hosted

Over the decades, Olympia Fields has been a magnet for prestigious tournaments. It has hosted numerous major championships, including the PGA Championship and the U.S. Open. The club is no stranger to producing notable champions such as Walter Hagen and Johnny Farrell. In recent history, it was the venue for the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and the 2020 BMW Championship, where Jon Rahm famously secured victory, etching his name into the club’s legacy.

Landmarks and Preservation

The centerpiece of the club is its historic clubhouse, a beacon visible from all four first tees and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This architectural feat has been preserved through the years, embodying the club’s dedication to maintaining its heritage.

Modern Developments

In recent times, the club has seen updates and enhancements to its courses under the careful guidance of golf course architect Steve Smyers. Olympia Fields continues to balance modernization with tradition, ensuring that it remains a relevant and challenging venue for both current competitors like Danielle Kang and future generations of golfing champions.

Membership Information

Olympia Fields Country Club offers various membership options tailored to meet the needs of individuals and families seeking an exclusive golfing experience with additional amenities. It prides itself on a history of distinction and the quality of its private facilities.

Types of Membership

  • Regular Golfing Membership: Offers full access to golf courses, practice facilities, and other club amenities. Members enjoy voting rights and are integral to the club’s governance.
  • Junior Membership: Designed for members under a certain age, offering a stepping stone to full membership with limited privileges.
  • Social Membership: Grants access to clubhouse facilities and social events without golfing privileges.

Membership Process and Requirements

Prospective members must typically be sponsored by current members and undergo a review process. Application Requirements Include:

  • Completion of a formal application.
  • Submission of required documentation.
  • An interview or meeting with membership committee members.

Dress Code:

  • Members are expected to adhere to a dress code that prohibits cargo shorts, numeral jerseys, and uncollared shirts to maintain the club’s prestigious atmosphere.

Amenities and Facilities

The Olympia Fields Country Club offers a comprehensive array of amenities that cater to both avid golfers and those looking for a rich array of recreational options. Members have access to exclusive facilities that span from championship golf courses to a mix of leisure and dining experiences.

Golf Courses Overview

Olympia Fields Country Club is renowned for its two championship golf courses, both meticulously designed to offer a challenging yet enjoyable experience. The North Course is a par 70 stretching over 7,343 yards, recognized by Golf Digest for its excellence. On the other hand, the South Course provides variety and a similarly rigorous setup, yet at a shorter distance of 6,106 yards, making it accessible for golfers of different skill levels.

Other Recreational Amenities

The private club extends beyond golf, offering various recreational amenities. Tennis enthusiasts can enjoy multiple tennis courts, which cater to both casual play and more competitive matches. A large pool area allows for both relaxation and aquatic activities, while the state-of-the-art fitness center ensures members can maintain their exercise routines within the comfort of the club.

Dining and Social Spaces

Social interaction and fine dining are at the heart of Olympia Fields Country Club’s member experience. The Dining Room offers an elegant atmosphere with exceptional cuisine. Additionally, for those looking to dine al fresco, the Veranda provides scenic views of the golf courses, complementing the upscale culinary offerings. These spaces are designed to be central hubs for socialization and enjoyment, reflecting the club’s commitment to providing first-rate service.

Golfing at Olympia Fields

Olympia Fields Country Club boasts two exceptional golf courses, famous for hosting numerous major championships and being crafted by notable designers. The club’s rich golfing tradition and opulent amenities provide members with a premier golfing experience.

Golf Course Architecture

The architectural grandeur of Olympia Fields Country Club is evident in its two historic courses: the North Course and the South Course. The North Course is a masterpiece originally designed by Tom Bendelow, with subsequent renovations by Mark Mungeam and most recently by Steve Smyers. It is known for having hosted numerous major championships, including the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship. The South Course, while slightly less spotlighted, also offers a challenging and strategic design, typifying the excellence one expects from a top-tier golf venue.

Golf Programs and Tournaments

Olympia Fields is no stranger to competitive golf, having been a stage for golf’s greatest players. The club has hosted the U.S. Amateur and the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, among others. It has also seen legendary golf figures such as Jack Nicklaus and Jim Furyk grace its fairways. The club offers extensive golf programs, providing members the chance to participate in regular club tournaments and improve their game with the guidance of professional staff.

Fairways and Play Strategy

The fairways at Olympia Fields require thoughtful play strategy, created to challenge golfers of all levels. With an array of strategic bunkers and undulating greens, members must navigate the courses with precision and skill. Both the North and South Courses stimulate strategic playing, encouraging golfers to think through each shot and approach the greens with a plan. The fairways’ pristine condition stands as a testament to the club’s commitment to providing an exceptional golf experience.

Clubhouse and Services

The clubhouse at Olympia Fields Country Club provides members with a range of services catered to enhance their leisure and social activities. Featuring a blend of amenities such as dining facilities and fitness areas, it is a central hub for member engagement and relaxation.

Facility Offerings

Olympia Fields Country Club’s clubhouse is a beacon of recreational luxury, boasting amenities designed to meet the diverse needs of its members. The fitness center is well-equipped, offering a variety of equipment that caters to different workout preferences. For dining options, members are treated to an array of culinary experiences ranging from casual to formal. Ensuring enjoyable tee times, the club also facilitates a smooth process for members to book their golfing sessions.

Event Hosting and Guest Policies

The ability to host private events is a prominent feature of Olympia Fields Country Club. The clubhouse provides elegant spaces for weddings, corporate gatherings, and social events. Members can take advantage of the exquisite event hosting services with tailored catering options to complement any occasion. The club upholds specific guest policies to maintain an exclusive atmosphere, ensuring that all guests enjoy the prestigious environment while respecting the club’s standards and traditions.

Community and Networking

Olympia Fields Country Club offers an environment where members can not only enjoy premier golfing facilities but also partake in a vibrant social scene that fosters networking and community building. At the heart of this is a range of social activities and member events designed to enhance the connection among members.

Social Activities

Members of Olympia Fields have the opportunity to engage in an array of social activities that cater to diverse interests. The club’s elegant dining room and spacious veranda provide ideal settings for members to socialize and dine in comfort. Whether it’s a casual lunch or a themed dinner, these spaces are designed to encourage camaraderie and facilitate meaningful conversations among the private club community.

  • Weekly Dining Specials: Regularly updated menus offer culinary variety, encouraging members to experience new flavors together.
  • Holiday Celebrations: Special events are organized to mark holidays, bringing members to celebrate traditions within the club’s inviting atmosphere.

Member Events

Throughout the year, the members are invited to join exclusive events that are tailored to their preferences and interests. These events are pivotal in establishing a close-knit community and promoting networking opportunities among the private club members.

  • Golf Tournaments: Members can participate in competitive or social golf events, reinforcing the sport-centric camaraderie the club is known for.
  • Seasonal Socials: From summer barbecues on the veranda to winter galas in the ballroom, the club’s calendar ensures there are plenty of occasions for members to connect.

Dress Code and Etiquette

At the Olympia Fields Country Club, members and guests are expected to adhere to a strict dress code that upholds the club’s standards of tradition and decorum. Compliance with the dress code demonstrates respect for the club’s values and contributes to the exclusive atmosphere.

On the Golf Course:

  • Men: Collared shirts are required; cargo shorts are not permitted.
  • Women: Conservative attire, such as collared blouses; no denim allowed.

In the Clubhouse:

  • Denim is acceptable, provided it is not frayed or torn.
  • Hats and visors must be removed, except in locker room areas.

Prohibited Attire:

  • Numeral jerseys, uncollared shirts, and t-shirts are not suitable for the golf course or clubhouse dining areas.
  • Flip-flops and beachwear are inappropriate attire for all club settings.

Members and guests should enter and exit the club quietly, acknowledging the serene ambiance. Mobile devices must be on silent mode, and calls are to be taken discreetly in designated areas to maintain the peaceful environment of the club.

Notable Members and Championships

Olympia Fields Country Club holds a prestigious position in golf history, having hosted numerous championship tournaments and boasting membership from many legendary golfers.

Champion Golfers

Among the club’s luminary members, Walter Hagen is notable, having clinched his fifth PGA Championship title at Olympia Fields in 1925. This victory added to his tally, making him one of the most successful golfers in the history of the PGA Championship. Additionally, Johnny Farrell, the celebrated golfer, is intricately linked with the club, particularly for his victory at the 1928 U.S. Open hosted by Olympia Fields.

  • Walter Hagen: 5-time PGA Championship winner
  • Johnny Farrell: 1928 U.S. Open Champion at Olympia Fields

Historic Achievements

Olympia Fields Country Club has been a centerpiece for major golfing events, including the four men’s major championships. Namely, Jack Nicklaus, a golf legend, competed at the U.S. Open at Olympia Fields, leaving a lasting imprint with his performance. More recently, Jim Furyk set a tour record shooting a 58 during the 2016 Travelers Championship at the club.

Olympia Fields has continued this legacy by hosting the BMW Championship in 2020, where some of the finest golfers competed, and Danielle Kang, an American professional golfer, celebrated victories on its courses. These historic moments have cemented Olympia Fields as a ground of triumphs, not only as a testament to championship golf but also to its elevated status in the golf community.

  • PGA Championship: Hosted in 1925, won by Walter Hagen
  • U.S. Open: Hosted in 1928 and 2003; Johnny Farrell and Jim Furyk’s notable performances
  • BMW Championship: Showcased the club’s championship pedigree in 2020
  • Danielle Kang: Recorded wins, showcasing the club’s relevance in both men’s and women’s golf

Olympia Fields Country Club’s rich history of hosting leading golf championships and members who are champions themselves narrates a continuing story of golfing excellence.

Location and Accessibility

Olympia Fields Country Club is situated in a prime location renowned for its historical significance and ease of access. Located in Olympia Fields, a suburb south of Chicago, Illinois, the country club is a prestigious establishment listed on the National Register of Historic Places, underscoring its cultural importance.

Getting to Olympia Fields

Traveling to the Olympia Fields Country Club is straightforward whether coming from within Illinois or from outside the state. For those within Chicago, the club is accessible via a short drive, taking advantage of the city’s well-connected roadways, or by using the Metra rail service, which provides a direct line to the suburb. Visitors coming from other states or abroad will find that the nearest major airport, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, offers both domestic and international flights. From the airport, visitors can reach Olympia Fields by car or public transportation.

Area Attractions

Olympia Fields and its surrounding areas are rich with attractions to enjoy alongside the amenities of the country club. Guests can explore the local landscape or venture into Chicago to experience its world-famous architecture, diverse culinary scene, and vibrant culture. For those with an interest in history, the club’s presence on the National Register of Historic Places connects them to a deeper American narrative while the city’s museums and historical sites offer further exploration. In Olympia Fields and beyond, there is a blend of activities and sites to suit all interests.

Contact and Membership Inquiry

Prospective members interested in joining the Olympia Fields Country Club may inquire about membership options by contacting the club directly. As a private club, the membership process is detailed and requires consideration of various costs associated with joining.

When requesting membership information, individuals should be prepared for the financial commitment. The membership cost at Olympia Fields Country Club includes an initiation fee, annual dues, and potentially additional fees for various amenities and services. The initiation fee is a one-time investment that grants access to the club’s extensive facilities.

For accurate details on the Olympia Fields Country Club membership cost, reaching out to the club’s membership office is advised. Here’s how interested parties can proceed:

  • Visit the Membership Information Page: Essential information can typically be found on the Olympia Fields Country Club Membership page.
  • Contact Form: Prospective members can fill out a required field “saving information” form to receive tailored membership information.

The club offers a diverse range of amenities:

Amenities Description
Golf Courses Access to private 18-hole golf courses
Social Events Invitations to exclusive member events
Recreation Facilities for tennis, swimming, and more

It is essential for those interested to consider the full spectrum of costs and benefits before deciding to join. To begin the membership process or for any further questions, reaching out to the club directly ensures the most current and comprehensive information.

Golf Course Rankings and Reviews

Olympia Fields Country Club stands out not only for its history but also for its esteemed position in golf course rankings. The club’s North Course has garnered particular acclaim. It has been featured consistently in Golf Digest‘s America’s 100 Greatest rankings, a testament to its design and challenge it presents to golfers.

Known for hosting major championships, Olympia Fields has set the stage for numerous historic moments in golf. It has hosted four major championships, including the PGA Championship in 1925 and 1961. The North Course’s ability to meet the demands of these high-caliber events underscores its quality and the challenge it offers.

Here’s how the North Course has been reviewed:

  • Difficulty: Demanding layout requiring strategic play
  • Maintenance: Meticulously kept fairways and greens
  • Design: Classic architecture that has aged gracefully
  • History: A storied venue with a tradition of hosting major events

In recent years, renovations have further improved both playability for members and the course’s ability to host professional tournaments. The membership cost at Olympia Fields is a reflection of the prestige and quality of the courses offered.

Championship Courses:

  • North Course: Has hosted U.S. Opens and PGA Championships
  • South Course: Provides a different, yet complementary golfing experience

Golfers’ Reviews Summary

  • Most reviews applaud the challenging aspect of the North Course
  • Course conditions and club facilities consistently receive high praise
  • The historical significance of the course adds an intangible value to the experience

By maintaining an impeccable standard over the years, Olympia Fields Country Club remains a prominent name in the world of golf, simultaneously preserving its heritage and providing a modern challenge for today’s golfers.

Tournament Schedules and Events

Olympia Fields Country Club is renowned for hosting prestigious golf tournaments. Their calendar is marked by events such as the PGA Championship, with a history that goes back to the early 20th century. The club has the honor of having hosted this event multiple times.

The U.S. Open, another hallmark tournament in the world of golf, has also taken place at Olympia Fields, showcasing the best in the sport. The event commands a significant place in the club’s heritage and continues to be a highlight for members and participants alike.

In addition to these, the club has a tradition of hosting the U.S. Amateur golf championship. This event features highly skilled amateur golfers who compete on some of the same grounds as their professional counterparts.

Upcoming events include the BMW Championship, which brings together top golfers from around the world. This championship is part of the FedEx Cup Playoffs and has been instrumental in highlighting Olympia Fields as a course that challenges even the most adept players.

Furthermore, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship has also been hosted here, underscoring the club’s commitment to supporting women’s golf at the highest levels. This event is a major golf tournament for female golfers and is often seen as a catalyst for elevating women’s participation in the sport.

Members and guests looking forward to the experiences offered can anticipate a meticulously organized schedule, offering not just competitive play but also a chance to witness golfing history in the making at one of the sport’s iconic venues.

Career Opportunities and Staff Bios

Olympia Fields Country Club offers a range of career opportunities for individuals seeking employment in a prestigious golf environment. Job seekers can explore positions across various departments, from hospitality to course maintenance.

Hospitality and Service:

  • Front Desk Attendants ensure a warm welcome to members and guests.
  • Food and Beverage Staff deliver top-tier dining experiences.

Course Management:

  • Groundskeepers and Greenskeepers maintain the pristine condition of the golf courses.

Benefits and Privileges:
Employees at Olympia Fields Country Club enjoy certain privileges, such as access to golfing facilities and participation in club activities, which promote a strong team bond and personal growth within the country club atmosphere.

Staff Training:

  • Comprehensive training programs.
  • Career development opportunities.
Department Position Bio Highlights
Member Services Concierge Passionate about member satisfaction and tailored experiences.
Culinary Executive Chef Renowned for culinary creativity and seasonal menus.
Golf Operations Golf Pro Experienced in coaching with a history of competitive play.

The club’s team is built from professionals committed to excellence, ensuring members receive the highest level of service. Staff bios, often found on the club’s official website or through employment platforms like Indeed, reveal their extensive experience and passion for their roles, reinforcing Olympia Fields’ reputable status.

Those interested in Olympia Fields Country Club employment may find more details and testimonials about the work environment and culture on the club’s dedicated employment page or by visiting related employment review sites such as Glassdoor.

Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

At Olympia Fields Country Club, environmental stewardship is a core part of its philosophy, especially in the maintenance of its golf courses and fairways. The following outlines the club’s commitment to sustainability:

Use of Organic Products:

  • Fertilizers: Utilizing organic fertilizers that are safer for the environment.
  • Pesticides: Implementing integrated pest management practices to reduce chemical use.

Water Conservation:

  • Irrigation: Employing an efficient irrigation system to minimize water use.
  • Monitoring: Regularly monitoring soil moisture to ensure water is only used when necessary.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Machinery: Investing in energy-efficient maintenance machinery.
  • Clubhouse: Implementing energy-saving measures within the clubhouse and other facilities.

Habitat Preservation:

  • Native Plants: Planting native species that require less water and provide natural habitats.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: Establishing protected areas to sustain local wildlife populations.

Olympia Fields Country Club recognizes the importance of these practices not only for the current enjoyment of the club but also for the preservation of the environment for future generations.

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