Chicago Golf Club Membership Cost

Chicago Golf Club Membership Cost

You will find the popular Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Il, at 25W253 Warrenville Rd.

History and year of opening

The architect behind the golf course was Charles B. Macdonald, also referred to as the “father of golf” all around Chicago for his work.

This club was first opened in the year 1892 and its course is nowadays being utilized by the Downers Grove Golf Course.

The first-ever American woman to win an Olympic event was also a member of this club and her name was Margaret Abbot, a renowned golfer.

Very soon after its opening, this small golf club got so much attention from people, that its members had to buy a neighboring piece of property in order to increase the golf course from 9 holes to 18. It only took one year from the opening for the golf course to get the additional nine holes.

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This club was host to a considerable number of tournaments including the 1897 US Open and Amateur, the 1900 US Open, the 1911 US Open, the 1928 Walker Cup, the 2005 Walker Cup, and the 2018 US Senior Women’s Open.

With the help of Macdonald’s design protege, called Seth Raynor, a very open-minded individual, the Chicago Golf Club went through a full remodeling in the year 1922, which also added modern designs to the golf course.

This club is also known as the first one to make use of bent grass for its greens.

The Chicago Golf Club, along with four other clubs, were the founders of what we know today as the USGA, the most important governing body of golf sports.

You will find below information on the latest prices for membership at the Chicago Golf Club.

Membership fees

You will only be allowed to join the Chicago golf club as a member only if you receive an invitation from an active member. As a member of the club, you will spend an initial amount of $150,000 on the initiation fee, which will be followed by a yearly fee of around $180,500.

Among the most popular members of the Chicago Golf Club, there were a few US Presidents as well.

Does the club have any green fees?

We looked around the internet for information on green fees for the Chicago Golf Club, but we couldn’t find any reference on this.

Is this club public or is it private?

The community inside the Chicago Golf Club is private and completely hidden from the public, being available only to its members. The maximum number of active members is also controlled, but information on how many members the club will accept is also hidden.

The club’s facilities

Chicago Golf CourseThe Chicago Golf club has a total yardage of 6950, with a golf course featuring a total par of 70 and 18 holes.

You will also find inside the club a virtual golf museum on the upper floors of the main building, tap rooms, locker rooms, and even a pro shop.

Upon your request, the club can also offer caddies.

The members of the Chicago Golf Club are very private about what you can actually get when you become a member, so additional information is pretty scarce on the internet.

The difficulty rating of the golf course is 73.8.

The club has no official website with contact details or additional information.

You can contact the club directly at this phone number: +1 630 665 2988.

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