Caves Valley Golf Club Membership

Caves Valley Golf Club Membership Cost

You will find the well-known Caves Valley Golf Club at 2910 Blendon Rd Owings Mills, MD. It’s an amazing place to be a member of, but let’s get a little into its story.

The Club’s History

The Caves Valley Golf Club has opened its doors to members around 30 years ago, being one of the best golf clubs to open in 1991. This golf club became very popular soon after it was opened and it did become the host of some of the best sporting events, including the 2014 International Crown, the 2002 US Senior Open, and the 2017 Senior Players Championship.

The famous designer of golf courses, Tom Fazio, was the one behind the Caves Valley Golf Club course.

You can find below the latest membership prices at the Caves Valley Golf Club.

Membership Costs

The maximum number of active members to be a part of the Caves Valley Golf Club is 600 and you will only be able to become a member if you’re invited by a reputable member.

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The initiation fee that will enable you to become a member of the Caves Valley Golf Club is around $100,000 which is coupled with around $20,000 in annual dues. The full expenses required on a monthly basis will reach about $10,000. These required annual dues might differ depending mostly on the distance from your residence.

You can find all the information you’d need about membership prices and any other associated fees in a ready-to-download document that can be found HERE.

As a member, you will be able to talk to the current Director of Golf, Dennis Satyshur about anything related to the ins and outs of golf as a sport. He was named director in the 1990s and hasn’t changed his position ever since.

Base Green Fee

Caves Valley Golf Club Golf CourseDuring the prime season, members and guests are expected to pay a green fee of $195 while in the offseason the cost decreases to about $145.

There are some periods in which the club does accept unaccompanied guests inside. Guests that don’t come accompanied by a member will be accepted inside if the club isn’t crowded and they will be expected to pay around $400 regardless of the time of the year. Members can also bring in family members and these will be required to pay less than other guests (around $85 in the offseason and $120 in the prime season.)

Is This Club Public or Private?

The Caves Valley Golf Club is a private community and the membership can only be obtained through an invitation.

Its Facilities

You will find an 18-hole golf course at the Caves Valley Club. You will also get access to a bunch of bunkers and a few practice ranges. You will also get access to putting greens and chipping greens.

The club’s dining room experience is one you will surely have a hard time forgetting, as it features world-class chefs and is considered one of the top restaurants around. You can also spend the night in one of the overnight rooms that can house at the very least 49 individuals.

Club members can also take advantage of one of the golf cottages. You can rent one of the available clubs for a fee of $75 during the offseason and the prime of the seasons. You can also rent a cart for your golf game and these are usually priced at $40.

Difficulty Rating for the Course

One hole that is a par 4 and is considered very difficult is the 9th hole. This hole will actually be considered the 18th in the next event that will be sponsored by the BMW.

Contact Number information

You can contact Caves Valley Golf Club representatives at (410) 356-1313 or through their official website.

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