Olympic Club Membership Cost

The Olympic Club Membership Cost

The Olympic Club situated in San Francisco is among the oldest clubs in the area. In fact, it is seen as the oldest athletic club in all of the US, with a history that dates back to the 1860s. Although it took a while for the golf courses to be built, the USG still sees the Olympic Club as one of the first golf clubs to be opened in the US.

This club offers a lot of features, including a professional fitness center and other facilities for different sports and gaming activities. Among the most notable ones are the dining facilities, the billiards room and of course, a big swimming pool.

Of course, we can’t forget about the professional golf courses. You will find inside the Olympic Club no less than 45 holes for golf. Out of its courses, the most popular will be the Lake or Lakeside one, which requires experienced golf players to be completed. You will find another 18 holes on the easier Ocean Course. The Cliff course is also popular, but this one for its amazing views. It will only feature 9 playable holes.

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Below you will find the latest Olympic Club membership costs.

The Club Membership Costs

You won’t be able to get inside the Olympic club if you aren’t a member, someone invited by a member, or a player in a golf tournament hosted by the club. You will also have a few hoops to jump before you can become a member and these include being invited by another active member and being sponsored by an active member as well.

Although the club keeps its initiation fee amount private, some past members talk about a five digits number. The annual fees will depend on the type of membership you will opt for, but you should be prepared to spend around $20,000 per year to keep your membership active.

Important Policies for Guests Inside The Club

Olympic Club Lake CourseGuests who are sponsored by a member and want to visit the athletic club or its facilities unaccompanied will need to have a Guest Card on them at all times. These Guest Cards can be procured from the Front Desk of either the Lakeside or the City Clubhouse. You will have to pay a per-day fee for the Guest card and it will only be valid for one day per month.

Before entering the clubhouse, the guests will have to check-in at the Sutter Street Security Desk or the Front Desk. If you are waiting for your sponsoring member, then you will be required to wait at the Security Desk or in the Lobby.

You will not be allowed with any type of animals inside the Olympic Club, with the exception of service dogs that are only handled by their owner. Emotional support animals are forbidden as well inside the premises.

Popular Tourneys Hosted By The Club

All of the courses will be very entertaining, but the Lake course will be especially challenging. This course surrounded by forests has been testing the capabilities of players throughout history.

Although it has gone through extensive redesigns in 2009, it still continues to test the skill of players of all ages and experience levels. One weird fact is that throughout the US Open history, no player that has competed on the Lake course was able to hold onto the lead after 54 holes to win the tournament.

The Lake course is actually considered the 34th greatest golf course in America by Golf Digest in its latest ranking lists.

The club itself was able to host quite a few of the most popular golf tournaments in the world, including:

  • The US Junior Amateur in 2004.
  • The US Amateurs in 1958, 1981, and 2007.
  • The US Women’s Open in 2021.
  • The US Open in 1955, 1966, 1987, 1998, and 2012.

It is also a known fact that The Olympic Club Lake course will also be the host of the 2028 PGA Championship and the 2033 Ryder Cup.

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