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Cypress Point Club Membership Cost

If you’re searching for the exact address of the Cypress Point Golf Club, then you should know that you can find it at 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, California (CA) 93953, in the United States.

The History of Cypress Point

The history of the Cypress Point Golf Club starts on August 11, 1928, when it was opened by three friends: Roger Lapham, Byrington Ford, and Marion Hollins.

Alister MacKenzie was the famous architect behind the golf course, who worked together with Robert Hunter.

In 2011, the course of this club got second place in the list of Top 100 best international golf courses, according to that year’s issue of the Golf Magazine.

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Among the most popular events to be hosted by the Cypress Point Golf Club were the multi-course AT&T Pebble Beach Pro and the PGA Tour. At one point in its history, a lot of people dropped the Cypress Point Golf Club and it slowly lost most of its popularity because it lacked any racial diversity.

You will find below the latest prices of the Cypress Point Club membership.

Membership Costs

Cypress Point CourseMembership at this club will come at a reported cost of $250,000 in initiation fees, but that’s not the hardest part of becoming a member. You have no way of submitting an application. Instead, you will have to be famous enough to be invited. Money is of smaller importance than your name in this particular case. Credible sources say that the club will accept a maximum of 250 members. Some of the most popular names that are already a part of the club are Jim Natz, also known as Mr. Hello, Friends, former NFL player Harris Barton, and actor Chriss O’Donnell.

If you know any of these celebrities or another important member of the club, maybe you can snatch an invitation. Else, there is not a lot you can do to get accepted.

As a member, you will be encouraged to get your own caddy while on the course. A professional caddy will also be able to help you explore and better understand the golf course.

Is this club private or public?

As you might expect, the Cypress Point Golf Club is a private, closed community.


There are very few members to talk to about what you will find inside the Cypress Point Golf Club, but the few ones we managed to talk to told us that the club features lounging rooms, locker rooms, vending machines for drinks and snacks, and a decently stocked pro shop (mostly with merch).

Upon request, you can get a caddy on the golf course.

The difficulty rating for the course

The reported difficulty rating of the Cypress Point Golf Club golf course is 73.1.

The first nine holes of the course will be close to the Dek Monte Forest, and the back nine will be next to the rocky terrain, at the beach, with the finishing few holes not far from the back ones.

Hole number 16 is one of the most interesting ones on this golf course because it will require the driver to shoot the ball over a considerable body of water and the ball will have to travel at least 210 meters to get to the greens.

Different tees will come with different difficulties. For example, regular tees have a rating of 72.1 with a 6249 yardage, while the Championship tees will feature a rating of 73.1 with a total yardage of 6552.

You should expect total yardage for the red tees of about 5816, although there isn’t a clear reported difficulty rating.

You can contact the Cypress Point Golf Club representatives using the following phone number: +1 831 624 6444.

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